Fructose Overload: An Easy Guide to the Hidden Fructose in Foods

It’s time for you to eliminate fructose from your diet. Check this infographic and discover which food products contain large amounts of fructose. You will be surprised to discover that many of the seemingly “innocent” and “healthy” products you buy are loaded with large amounts of fructose – and should be avoided at all costs!


Paleo Diet

LCHF Diet Found to Lower Risk Of Heart Disease and Diabetes In Elderly, Study

Nearly 35% of adults in the U.S. aged 65 and over have obesity, and the prevalence of chronic metabolic disease and impaired functional status among older adults with obesity is particularly high. Older adults with obesity are at particularly high risk of developing cardiometabolic disease such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Rather than



Healthy Hair Peanut Oil

A number of clinical tests have shown that traditional peanut oil mixed with lemon juice is a remedy far more effective dandruff treatment than any of the specially formulated shampoos.



Your Brain Starts Eating Itself Because of Lack of Sleep

Microglial cells initiate a process called phagocytosis to remove debris, pathogens and dead cells from the brain. Astrocytes are supporting cells that provide structural support, insulate surfaces and protect the brain during inflammation and injury. These are complementary roles that help repair and restore the brain while you sleep and get you ready for a


Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting Could Benefit Heart Health, Study

A new study included more than 2,000 patients who had cardiac catheterization between 2013 and 2015. They were followed for 4.5 years afterward. Those who fasted regularly had a higher survival rate during follow-up than those who did not, according to researchers at Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fasting was a



Can You Build Muscle on Keto?

The ketogenic, or keto, diet has become increasingly popular. It is a very low carb, high fat diet that many people use to lose weight and has been linked to various other health benefits. For a long time, many people assumed that it was impossible to build muscle on a keto diet or low carb