Beware of This Oil, It Will Destroy Your Body and Mind

A Recent research has uncovered damage canola oil consumption triggers in your brain and the effect this may have on your memory and learning ability. The study, published in the journal Nature, also found the consumption of canola oil increased weight gain. The study was led by researcher Dr. Domenico Praticò from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at



Healthy Hair Peanut Oil

A number of clinical tests have shown that traditional peanut oil mixed with lemon juice is a remedy far more effective dandruff treatment than any of the specially formulated shampoos.



How Much Water Should We Drink Every Day?

There is evidence that not drinking enough may be associated with falls and fractures, heat stroke, heart disease, lung disorders, kidney disease, kidney stones, bladder and colon cancer, urinary tract infections, constipation, dry mouth, cavities, decreased immune function and cataract formation. The problem with many of these studies is that low water intake is associated



Flat Belly Tricks

Most women have experienced the feeling of being bloated at some point in their lives. To help beat bloating and get the flat stomach you’ve dreamed of, check out these 10 de-bloating tips. Continue reading…