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A Low-Carb Strategy To Reduce High Blood Pressure

Following a low-carb diet has by and by appeared to have noteworthy medical advantages, as indicated by recent research. The study done by Dr David Unwin, has demonstrated avoiding high carb food improves hypertension, which is the second greatest worldwide risk factor for illness after poor eating routines. In a past trial the low-carb diet


Multiple Scelrosis Or Mercury Poisoning?

Mercury dental fillings, or amalgams, have been used for more than a hundred and 50 years, despite the fact that mercury is one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man. Dental amalgam is an antiquated filling material that’s typically a mixture of 50 percent mercury and 50 percent other metals like, copper. tin, silver


Fast-Tracked COVID-19 Vaccine — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The COVID-19 vaccine may in fact be the most fast-tracked vaccine ever created in all history. However, this rush to be first to the market necessitated the elimination of required safety testing steps, such as animal testing. Pfizer, in collaboration with BioNTech, began human trials in the U.S. of a COVID-19 vaccine on May 11,


Keto Diet: A Possible Aide to Asthma Sufferers

Asthma is a respiratory condition that causes serve constriction of the airways (specifical bronchi of the lungs). Individuals who are asthmatic experience hypersensitivity (overly sensitive)  to certain allergens. While a normal non-asthmatic individual may only experience small inflammation from interaction with a specific allergen, the immune system of asthmatic patients overreacts, leading to inflammation/increased swelling


Heal Your Body Through Fasting

In this interview with Dr. Jason Fung you’ll discover some of the benefits of fasting to your overall health. In his book “The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting,” he details how to implement a fasting program and overcome some of the challenges. Watch the video here…


Surviving Keto in Quarantine

In addition to being a popular diet for weight loss, people follow the ketogenic diet for a number of medical conditions, including epilepsy, diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome. The extremely low-carbohydrate diet relies mostly on meat, dairy, non-root vegetables and some nuts and seeds. Dairy in particular has been hard to acquire in many stores. Here are