Bolster Your Immune System With Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet works by starving your body from “quick fuel” carbohydrates so that it burns fat to use as energy. Known mostly as a weight-loss tool, the keto diet also boasts a number of additional benefits as well, including low inflammation and sharper mental and physical health to those who ascribe to the diet. But how is that a coronavirus cure?

While it’s definitely not a true cure for the coronavirus, a report released by the NIH found that the ketogenic diet can improve heart health and help control blood sugar for both diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.

Older patients with diabetes and heart disease do experience more adverse effects from coronavirus, including hospitalization and even death. It’s safe to assume that improving the degeneration of those diseases through diet can help the most at-risk patients mitigate their danger.

It turns out that there are even more benefits for ascribing to a ketogenic diet when it comes to a coronavirus cure. Recent research indicates that “going keto” may help your body defend itself from flu infections. Continue reading…