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Is There Truth Behind the 5 Second Rule?

Let’s face it:  we’ve all dropped a piece of food on the floor and uttered the ’5-second rule’ expression.  But considering that 1 in 6 people suffer from a foodborne illness every year is it really okay to do so? Can harmful microbes really leap off the floor onto the food in only a matter


Nourishing Foods For A Healthy Heart

Nutrition is one of the key, if not most important, areas to address in order to successfully manage high blood pressure, cholesterol and to maintain overall heart health. Here are some of the best whole foods that can improve these health metrics through a nourishing lifestyle. Blood Pressure It used to be thought that lowering


Benefits of Paleo Diet After Surgery

It has been astoundingly clear that the patients who follow the Paleo Diet suggestions, do better after surgery then the conventional eating patients whose diets are filled with sugar, salt, and highly processed, refined foods that do not have substantial nutritional value and minimal EPA and DHA.