DiaYogi Dialogues: 11 Conversations With Game Changers Who Teach Yoga and Live With Diabetes

In 2014 Rachel Zinman’s life was at rock bottom. Diagnosed with prediabetes, not knowing she actually had LADA ( Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) she was in complete denial. Rachel had been living and breathing yoga since she was 19 with the mindset that yogis don’t get sick.  Obviously, she was wrong.

After tests confirmed an A1c of 10.7 and the beginnings of neuropathy in her hands and feet she was terrified. Not just terrified of the finality of the diagnosis but afraid of medication and being on it for life. It took quite a bit of convincing and a huge dose of courage to take the plunge and start insulin therapy.

That was Rachel’s turning point. She took a stand and put herself first. It was also the moment she started to question and look beyond her limited belief system. Asking questions like: were there other yogis like her, adults who’d practiced yoga first before their diagnosis? And what about people living with diabetes? Did they practice yoga at all? Did it lead them to teach and share?

At first, through an online search not much came up. she found someone in Minneapolis,  and someone else in Vermont. When she asked her peers if they knew any yoga teachers living with diabetes they shrugged their shoulders.  Rachel kept looking. She knew there were yogis with diabetes out there she just hadn’t found them…yet

Then she found a social media platform called Beyond Type 1 which would occasionally feature someone who used yoga to help them manage their diabetes.

Every time  she saw a post from a yogi, she cheered. Like a kid in a candy store, Rachel ate up their stories and began reaching out. The more we connected the more she realised how each Diayogi (a yogi who lives with diabetes) had to offer. Not just to their local community but to the wider world.

That’s when the idea for the Diayogi Dialogues Summit came to life. A free interview summit with 11 yoga teachers living with diabetes. Yogis of all ages, from all over the world.

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