Does eating More Fibre Make a Difference?

It’s a certain fact that many folk on low carb diets don’t take enough notice of how much fibre they eat. If this is left to the extreme it can cause many problems. However, as we will see from this short article, the remedy is simple and effective

According to dieticians in the UK, their recommendation is that people should be eating between 18-24 grams of fibre a day.  However, a recent survey sponsored by one of the large supermarkets has shown that the average UK intake is just 12grams.  So the question is: can changing your diet and increasing your fibre give your digestive system a new lease of life?

Studies have shown that one way of decreasing colon cancer is to ensure that the food travelling from the mouth through the digestive system to the anus, when kept on the move, will prevent potentially harmful waste products from being easily absorbed.  In a recent test – Dr Mark McAlindon, who is a consultant gastro-entroologist at the Royal Halampshire Hospital in Sheffield, carried out a recent test showing that increasing fibre can indeed quite dramatically change the way our bodies handle food.


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