Keto Diet Can Do Wonders To Your Skin, Study

There’s good news for all the people who are interested in pursuing this diet as a new study has revealed that consuming oil in a well-balanced ketogenic diet is beneficial for one’s skin.

“This study leads to a broader understanding of possible effects of ketogenic diets with a very high-fat content on skin inflammation and underlines the importance of the composition of fatty acids in the diet,” said co-lead investigator, Barbara Kofler, PhD, Research Program for Receptor Biochemistry and Tumor Metabolism, Department of Pediatrics, Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria.

“We have found that a well-balanced ketogenic diet, limited primarily to long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) like olive oil, soybean oil, fish, nuts, avocado, and meats, does not exacerbate skin inflammation,” added Kofler. Continue reading…