Lifestyle Changes That Make You Look Younger

You can’t stop time, you turn back the clock to achieve more youthful-looking hair, hands, and skin. And you don’t need to submit yourself to plastic surgery, buy expensive salon treatments, or stock a medicine cabinet full of lotions and potions, either. All you need to do is examine your everyday habits and make simple anti-aging tweaks to your routine.

Declare a two-day-a-week heat-free holiday where you give your locks a rest from heat styling tools, suggests Dr. Fusco says. Master the wet bun, let your hair air-dry, or skip washing your hair altogether and spritz on a dry shampoo if needed.

SPF 30 is the gold-standard dermatologists recommend. Apply it every day, rain or shine. And use more than you think you need—most people apply as little as one-quarter of the recommended dose, says the American Academy of Dermatology. Rule of thumb: use a shot-glass worth of sunscreen every time.

Rub an SPF 30 moisturizer onto the backs of your hands every morning.


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