Poached Egg and Bacon Breakfast Salad

Egg and bacon photo by Danielle ScottCooking with in-season ingredients is the ultimate key to great tasting meals.

This dish is simple, fresh and takes a slightly different spin on your typical eggs and bacon breakfast.

Poached Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Salad

(serves 1)

2 eggs (poached)

2 slices of bacon (fried)

2 cups fresh arugula

4-5 cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

Half Avocado (sliced)

Sea Salt & Pepper

Fry your bacon in a pan and pour the oil into a heat proof container and set aside.

In a separate pan prepare your poached eggs

Toss arugula & cherry tomatoes with 1 tsp (or more if desired) of the reserved bacon grease & fresh ground pepper.

Place mixture on a plate and top with bacon, avocado and poached eggs. Sprinkle egg with sea salt.



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