The Best Cooking Oils Based on Latest Research

It’s probably fair to say that most recipes today calling for some type of oil for cooking usually suggest “vegetable” oil or canola oil. But a recent study in Australia found that vegetable oils, which are extracted from seeds, are at the bottom of the barrel.

The researchers made interesting observations of the oils, especially in light of other studies that have taken place in recent years. In fact, some of the results were surprising and contradictory to other studies. One finding was that EVOO was rated the best cooking oil for both oxidative stability and lack of harmful compounds produced when heated.

But coconut oil, deemed to be the next safest for cooking at high temperatures, failed when levels of naturally occurring antioxidants were compared. Smoke point, by the way, is the temperature at which it exceeds safety by releasing free radicals that react with oxygen to form harmful compounds that can harm your cells and even your DNA, according to the Health Science Academy.

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