The More We Exercise the More We Improve

Research related to exercise over the past decade has been very clear and consistent — the more we exercise the lower our risk of nearly all diseases. Simply put: The more we move, the more we improve.

This doesn’t mean that just spending an hour a day at the gym counts. A recent reportpublished in theAnnals of Internal Medicine found that sedentary behavior may diminish or nearly eliminate the benefits we get from even an hour a day of exercise. The American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM) also highlights current research on sedentary behavior. “At the basic-science level, it appears that there are unique physiological processes and pathways associated with sedentary behavior, particularly prolonged sitting,” said Neville Owen, Ph.D., the lead presenter of the study. “These are some promising studies that point to what is likely to be a unique ‘sedentary physiology,’ which is distinct from what is known about the physiological processes generated by working muscle.”

Science is showing us that it’s not just about burning calories and elevating our heart rates. It’s about our overall way of living and moving. It’s just as important to break up periods in which you sit or inactive periods, even if it’s a minute or five to stretch or walk around.


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