Unique Meats


Meat Photo by Takeaway

Lean proteins are one of thing that you will definitely thrive on while on the Paleo diet.

You have chicken, beef, and pork being some of the most common option, but have you ever left your dinner plate at the table and explore the non-traditional meat options?

Start being a more adventurous eater and you are bound to appreciate the exotic tastes that follow. Here are some of the most popular unique meats you can certainly enjoy on the Paleo diet! 


It may sound absurd but ostrich is a meat worth trying. Despite it actually being a bird, the meat of an ostrich is often compared to tasting similar to beef. 

Venison (Deer)

Deer meat isn’t completely unheard of either. It has a taste and texture that is similar to beef but offers a little bit of gamey flavor.


It mat be a pet to some, and it may be wild to others, but to many, it’s exceptionally nutritious and delicious. Rabbit isn’t a completely odd meat to dine on, and it is quickly becoming much more popular due to the fact that rabbits eat grass, not grains, which makes it super Paleo. 

Bison Burgers

Many burger joints are now offering bison burgers as a smart choice for those healthy eaters out there. It replaces the fattier cuts of beef and tends to taste quite similar with a little twist of sweetness. 



In addition to the previous, elk burgers are easy to come across and are similar to beef. 

Wild Boar

Boar offers an excellent amount of nutritional values, and despite what you probably assumed, it doesn’t tastes similar to pork. 

Exploring outside of your taste buds’ comfort level doesn’t have to be extreme. These are some of the most popular non-traditional meats that are absolutely Paleo and more importantly, are just as delicious as they are nutritious.



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