What’s NOT Genetically Modified?

Look around these days and you will find that 90% of all food is processed and dead, void of all nutrition. You will also find that at least half of that food contains at least some genetically modified ingredients, and this means you’re eating organisms grown and mutated in laboratories, including bacteria and insect cells. Are you becoming “the fly”? You know, that giant man/fly hybrid that Jeff Goldblum turned into in that creepy movie from 1986?

Is your DNA now designed to kill insects and weeds? Will mosquitoes stop biting you next summer or will you have the strangest, hyper skin reactions to weeds? Who knows, right? Besides the food that’s labeled certified organic, what are you getting? Many rural folks find local and organic food at their farmer’s markets or they grow it all themselves. Others still barter and trade services for foods, or trade crops and seeds for rotation. In parts of the USA, some people still live like our grandparents did, eating food that doesn’t contain pesticides, on the inside and the outside. Think about it. Plus, most people eat food from boxes, toxic cans and sealed plastic every day. Ever heard of BPA poisoning?


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