Work out like a cave man (or woman)

Muscle Photo by istolethetv

After you’ve eaten like a cave man — focusing on meat, veggies, fruits and nuts and foregoing dairy, grains, refined sugar and anything processed — what’s next? Working out like our Paleolithic ancestors.

Paleo fitness — also know as natural movement, primitive movement or primal fitness — eschews elliptical trainers and free weights. Instead followers scramble around in trees, power lifting rocks and logs.

“People … perform basic human movements such as squatting, kneeling, stepping, balancing, crawling under an obstacle, jumping over another one, then lifting and carrying an object — or someone — over a distance, and many other movements,” Le Corre says. “Instead of plunking people in gyms and have them do boring repetitive workouts using machinery and trying to isolate muscles, we have them move a lot, to move in many ways they used to when they were kids.”

Most modern fitness programs focus on muscle-isolation and cardio-conditioning. But the body doesn’t work in isolation; it works synergistically, as a unit, he says.

“To be healthy, you need to move frequently and ideally, you need a variety of movement patterns, like we do when we are young children,” he says. “The more varied the movements, the better for health, fitness and resiliency.”



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